Nanolytics Instruments

In its strive to offer the best possible quality in AUC contract measurements, Nanolytics has been improving instrumentation and accessories from the very beginning. From 2006 onwards, our activities led to a completely new version of interference optics, based on a large CCD camera array, extending the range of applicable sample concentration and providing higher data quality. This development was intended to give Nanolytics a permanent headstart in respect to possible competitors in terms of data quality and applicable systems. The detector has now been in operation for routine measurements for more than ten years.

Nanolytics continued its activities in developing advanced detectors parallel to its contract measurement business by upgrading standard absorbance optics to multiwavelength detection, based on a prototype developed by Helmut Coelfen. The detector was improved to a mature technical product, along with a measurement and control device and corresponding software. It was at this point that we decided to make this considerable enhancement available to other AUC users, as we see a huge potential in multiplex analysis for institutional and industrial research.

From these considerations, Nanolytics Instruments emerged in 2015 with the mission to develop further enhanced AUC instrumentation and to provide its potential to the AUC community. It is self-evident that all developments by the new company are employed in Nanolytics‘ lab…

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