About Nanolytics

Nanolytics is a specialized analytical services provider, with more than 20 years of experience in Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC). Since the company was set up in late 1999, shortly before the turn of the millenium, it has been serving a large number of pharmaceutical and chemical industrial partners with its expertise and superior equipment. From the beginning, AUC was established as our core competence, supplemented with orthogonal methods such as Light Scattering and Chromatography.

Our AUC’s are equipped with superior detection capabilities, we feature ahead-state-of-the-art equipment available only in few AUC labs worldwide. Read more about our 4D-AUC (multiwavelength absorbance), AIDA (Advanced Interference Detection Array), and Turbidity detectors in the section on our equipment. Our powerful detectors expand the limits of AUC to the benefit of your research.

Nanolytics provides more than high end equipment for contract measurements. What we provide is the competence for using this equipment in an efficient and productive way. AUC is a complex method, requiring in-depth knowledge and trained personnel, both in technical as in academic work. Nanolytics‘ team accumulates more than 75 years of experience in AUC.

Futhermore, Nanolytics is networking inside the international scientific community, following advances and contributing its own methodical and technical enhancements. Nanolytics has established a role as a recognized, creative, and inventive company, being on the front edge of further developments in the field of AUC. Nanolytics is pleased to have established a Scientific Advisory Board whose members are three of the leading experts in Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) and its various applications.

Nanolytics is an owner-managed business, operating impartially and independently. Our staff is trained in AUC and colloidal analytics and has been inside the matter for years; there is virtually no personnel turnover. Analytical strategies are discussed in team meetings; every report is read by two scientists. We attend to any project with full care, may it appear to be routine. And we accept any challenge, even if we enter uncharted waters.


Note by the manager, Dr. Kristian Schilling:

At the time when I founded the company, my dear friend Andreas composed a hymn for Nanolytics. You can hear a brass choir I directed for some years play the hymn for the occasion of Nanolytics‘ 20th anniversary when you click on the sheet.

Bechstein piano

In the early years, when I virtually lived in the lab and office, I brought my piano there, as there was no leisure time at home to play it. Visitors were amused to see a 120+ year old piano among high tech lab equipment. You can hear me play Skrjabin’s Prelude in e flat minor on that piano when you click on the image. I am an amateur and it’s not a great recording, but I like what an 1881 Bechstein instrument can do.